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with Magnetblox!

Fun and safe for a wide range of ages.

Magnetblox helps children enjoy learning

while spurring creative development!

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Critical Thinking

Spatial Reasoning

Fine Motor Skills

Soft & Safe

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The Benefits of Magnetblox

Magnetblox encourages development in

  • • Fine motor skills
  • • Critical thinking and reasoning
  • • Spatial reasoning
  • • Creative development
  • • Teamwork & interpersonal skills

From Our Customers

Perfect Gift For Kids!

I recently bought this set for my kids (all under the age of 8) and it's become their new favorite thing to play with. Highly recommend!

Matt M.

Endless Fun!

I bought these for my three kids and they absolutely LOVE them! Plus, it's a great way to reduce their screen time. Very happy with my purchase.

Michael Gersemehl

Incredible! Fun For Everyone!

I was impressed with the quality of the blocks. The magnets are strong and the possibilities are endless. Highly recommend Magnetblox if you want to keep your kids entertained and the cushions on the couch.

David Waugh

The Literal Building Blocks of Memories

Can't even begin to tell you how much fun these things are! Do your kids (and yourself) a favor and build a fort, castle, house, etc. together!

Jason Condie

Grandkids New Favorite Toy!!

Bought these for my grandkids and they absolutely LOVE them. They have made so many different creations and they never get bored with them. I know they are a little pricey but they are totally worth it!

Craig B.

Amazing Creative Potential

I got these for my nieces and nephews and they absolutely love them, I love watching all the creative builds they come with (rocket ships, fire engines, robots). A toy well worth the buy!

Leo Wilson

Great Quality Fun

Bought these for my niece and nephew to keep them out of my sister's hair and it did the trick! Hours of fun with these blox. Great quality and more fun than a pillow fort!

Cole Kiser


My nieces LOVE these. Keeps them entertained for hours!! It's a must have if you have kids.

Caden Nelson


My grandkids love these blocks. I got my grandson one set for his birthday. This one is for my grand daughter. I’ll get them more for Christmas, so they can build some awesome things with them.
Thank you

Teresa Fischer

Love these Blocks!

My two grandsons love these blocks! They both build and bust up many different things that are fun and they are learning too. I highly recommend this product!

Linda Illsley

Excellent product

Great for kids. The company stands behind their product and corrects anything immediately. Highly recommend!



I purchased this set for my Business and my customers and their children love them. I love that they are easy to clean and so soft and safe for our littles.

Haley Dunkin

How do they work?

Magnetblox are easy to use! Simply:

  1. Select two blocks - One dark and one light

  2. Align edges - place faces to be joined together

  3. Blocks snap together - Magnets do all the work!

Embedded magnets Image

Build Anything!

Build anything with Magnetblox!

From furniture, castles, tanks, playhouses, Magnetblox transforms effortlessly into anything you or your child can dream.

Magnetic connections make blox assemble and disassemble effortlessly for kids of any age.

Build Endless Possibilities

Sail Boat Build

Sail Boat

Camel Build

Desert Camel

House Build

Small House

Ocean Liner Build

Ocean Liner

Tank Build


Lion Build


Rocket Build

Rocket Ship

Rhino Build


Bridge Build

River Bridge

Pyramid build


Dam Build

Electric Dam

Castle Build

Castle Wall

Dune Buggy Build

Dune Buggy

Ninja Build


Submarine Build


Train Build


Car Build

Classic Car

Freighter Build

Freight Ship

Race Car Build

Race Car

Rhino Build


Freeway Build


Sky Scraper Build

Sky Scraper

Space Shuttle Build

Space Shuttle

Suspension Bridge Build

Suspension Bridge

Plane Build

Mini Plane

Turtle Build


Helipad Build


Tower Build

Castle Tower

Couch Build


Forts Build

Dart Forts

Discover Magnetblox Sets

Select your color:

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What's Included?

27 Total Pieces

19 Cubes

8 Triangles

568 total magnets!

Individual block dimensions: 5"X5"


Select your color:

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What's Included?

54 Total Pieces

38 Cubes

16 Triangles

1,136 total magnets!

Individual block dimensions: 5"X5"


Select your color:

Sold out


What's Included?

81 Total Pieces

57 Cubes

24 Triangles

1,704 total magnets!

Individual block dimensions: 5"X5"


Our Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason with your Magnetblox purchase, return the product to us within 30 days for a guaranteed full money back refund.

At Magnetblox, we take pride and stand behind both our products and our customers.

-The Magnetblox Team

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