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MagnetBlox Standard Set - What's Included?
27 Total pieces
19 Cubes
8 Triangles
568 Total Magnets!
Individual Block Dimensions: 5"x5"

What are MagnetBlox™?
MagnetBlox™ are sewn from durable, high-quality, upholstery.  The fabric is stain resistant and easy to wipe down.  Each cube has 24 powerful earth material magnets (4 on each side) to make building fun, fascinating, and easy!  Color coding makes construction easy for all ages.

Why MagnetBlox™?

MagnetBlox is a STEAM toy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) perfect for educational application while enhancing creativity with active and imaginative play.

MagnetBlox is a life-sized construction toy that allows kids to use their creativity while designing and building their own play.  Who doesn’t want their kids to play with toys that will awaken the brilliance in them? With MagnetBlox, kids can apply practical skills and real life application while learning and having a blast. MagnetBlox is an educationally awakening toy that is fun and fascinating!

The Power of Play

Active Play: Some benefits of active play include; communication and social skills and rules, patience and perseverance, teamwork and sense of belonging with a sense of ‘give and take.’ MagnetBlox brings kids together to work as a whole. This toy is meant to be actively played with. Forming tunnels, towers, walls, and platforms.  MagnetBlox is active play at it’s best with the benefits of constructing in the process.

Imaginative Play: Nurturing the imagination is paramount for developing minds. The process of pretending builds skills in many influential ways. MagnetBlox allows the imagination to be set free. The sky is the limit with invention, discovery and imagination. 

MagnetBlox can increase:

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Engineering skills
  • Spatial skills
  • Modular reasoning
  • Architecture skills
  • Fine and gross motor movements
  • Improvement in hand-eye coordination
  • Discovery of size, shapes and colors
  • Basic math skills, grouping, matching, sequencing
  • Science awareness
  • Physics experimenting with gravity & weight
  • Balance and stability
  • Development of imagination
  • Cause and effect
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Sense of achievement
  • Improving self- confidence
  • Independent learning
  • Building strength in fingers and hands
  • Opportunities for interaction
  • Improvement of social skills
  • Teamwork
  • Family fun

Ages 1+ years 

You might be wondering, “is my 14 year old really going to find this interesting?” From our experience and feedback, it’s a resounding “YES!” Kids are waiting for opportunities to open their minds, creativity and discovery with active play. Technology is usually a big part of a child's life from a young age and it's difficult to find "toys" to spark an interest in pre-teen developing minds. MagnetBlox is invigorating for these young minds.  At a very young age, children can play with MagnetBlox and start forming desired pieces and shapes while discovering how to put them together easily. This toy is easy to put together for all ages, unlike very small connector type toys such as LEGOS. Another benefit includes lack of small pieces that are an easy chocking hazard. MagnetBlox pieces are all large enough to be safe for children of all ages.

This toy fills that void for both girls and boys. The older the child is, the more real and applicable their structures become. To be a critical thinker, inventor, designer, engineer, or architect, these skills are honed in at an early age. Regardless of lifelong career dreams, the skills enhanced with MagnetBlox have lifelong value.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Salma Kazan

Kids love
Using their imagination, building goes on all day.

Salma - this is great to hear! We'd love to see what they are building!

Rich R
Fun for babies and adults

Fund for babies and adults. Totally worth it if you have the money or for a special occasion (i.e. birthday present). The only thing I wished is that they included 3 more green blocks... every time my son and I build something there appears we appear to be short 2 or 3 green blocks i.e. there are more gray blocks than green blocks.

Great product. TOO EXPENSIVE.

They are cool and different but not enough for that price. Definitely wish it came with more blocks. Opened the box wishing that more came for that price. To my dismay, I found that I would have to spend $1000ish for my kids to be able to build the things that they advertise, showing they can build. This company needs to be straight and say, "Hey, for $300ish, your kid can build rubix cube, little small rocket, or a rectangle...... Great product. Too expensive. If it was half the price I would be more apt to spending 1k. Just sayin. Sigh, one more thing. The colors only fit with their opposite color. Again, for that price every color better connect. Again, just sayin.

joe kelso
Perfect for great grandson

He loves it & so do his parents!

Fun for all the kids

All the kids (ages 2, 5, 7) have fun with the magnetblox. We might have to get another set!